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    Dreams of settling on the New Earth perishes in a big way after the discovery that Connor made but again there is no way the colony can move to now. So there left only one thing that the colony did wonderfully in Nemesis i.e a fight against the odds. The colony has fought, survived and won battles on more than one occasion but this time they have landed on the enemy trough. The enemy has been planning for decades and it has all the gadgets to deal with humans who are not even united anymore. The defense forces of the colony are also confused in the selection of the sides.

    The colony faces threat that not even Connor expected has existed in the very walls of the colony. Connor thought that the NEIIS or at least some of them were a threat for the colony as they were fulfilling their own personal agendas. He was right but not fully because he thought that only a group was involved but in reality the whole of NEIIS was working for the destruction of the colony. Sean Quinn is on the mission of his own that he must fulfill if he wants to know what or who is behind all of this.


    For years now the human race has been fighting against an invisible enemy and now they try to take it out of its hiding. With everything going down this is perhaps the last attempt for survival for all of them. Ken Lozito’s writing surely take the listener in a grip and the voice of Scott Aiello does the rest of the magic.  The book has not lost an atom of its spark since book one and it is loaded with everything that a fiction lover can dream of.

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