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Dreamcatcher By Stephen King


This is an excellent story of a haunted city. The writer brings a beautiful and slow change in the character and personalities of the four main characters. He slowly makes them achieve the impossible. The past of the main characters also is well knit in their future life and an amalgam of their past and present is presented before our eyes.

The progress of the story is also in episodes we digest section after section of the story and then at the end these pieces of the puzzle join together and make one whole.  This technique also slowly penetrates in our mind and feels inclined toward the story which is fictional and not real at all. The way it is narrated is also appropriate according to the story. The personalities of the characters are also so appealing that we start liking them and one tends to be attracted so much towards them that he too wants to be the fifth companion in the team of friends who share the same past have the same passion and also are growing in character and the writer is making them ready for the big adventure that lies ahead of them.  

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Dreamcatcher By Stephen King

The whole alien invasion thing is also described in a way that arouses the interest of the listener. The conclusion is to some extent not accurate and as one may call it with one or two loose ends but then that is the technique of Stephen always creating room for different results in our mind.  The story follows the same theme as in “It” and insomnia as readers may live them too if there is still a thirst for added horror.




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