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    The Tommyknockers By Stephen King

    The story is by Stephen King’s and narrated by Edward Herrmann.  The story is about a place called Haven and like most of Stephen’s stories is about an alien invasion. The main character finds a spaceship that later becomes the main cause of destruction for the whole village. The story affects your mind to such an extent that you feel a Tommyknocker whenever the door of your house is knocked during the progress of the story. There is a bit of a problem in the editing of the novel which troubles us whenever we feels that at this stage a clear editing is made and distracts our attention for some time and also breaks the whole thing, but the narrator again plays the trick and we are again quickly following his voice as the story is progressing.

    The Tommyknockers By Stephen King

    The story like several other Stephen’s stories is full of complexities that are not easy to understand at most of the stages which perhaps is done by the writer most of the time in order to make the story more terrifying or just to give it an appropriate haunted look for the viewer. Another of the writer’s technique which is again used in the story is his slow development of the characters of the novel. The darkness within the story and its characters are revealed slowly and steadily which fills us with awe most of the time.  The story shares the same theme and also the scene to some extent of the stories like “ Desperation” and Insomnia.

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