Dress Her in Indigo

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Dress Her in Indigo continues the grand Travis McGee saga in its chapter eleven with the same enthusiasm as it started from chapter one. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller with emphatic stories revolving around the central character of Travis McGee. The author of this novel and the series is John D. MacDonald who deserves all the credit for providing book lovers with such mega entertainment. There are many other books from the author where he impressed his audience with his great work. Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By are his novels which are somewhere at the top of the list.

You will get to hear the powerful and expressive voice of Robert Petkoff. Listeners really enjoyed his performance and have great reviews for being such an outstanding voice of the characters.

A wealthy old man lying on the bed of a hospital is desperately looking to understand the last few months of the life of his daughter. She got killed in a fatal car accident later on in Mexico. The case was really puzzling. She had cleaned out her entire bank account that had a lot of money. She then left Miami and was never seen or heard again.

Travis McGee jumps into the weird hills and the backwoods of Oaxaca coming through a strange world of dropouts, kinky rich people and drug freaks as well. He started to suspect that the death of the beautiful girl was no sort of accident at all.

The novel is another sensational addition in the Travis McGee saga. The author yet again came with a unique story revolving around the central character of Travis McGee.

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