Earth Reborn

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“Earth will rise” is the phrase the people of the earth keep on telling their self so that the new generation might not think of itself as a mere prey for the alien race. They must learn a way to survive, fight back and then thrive to get back their rightful place. Easy to say then done this book by Daniel Arenson takes the human soldiers to limits that they once considered were beyond their boundaries. Both of the race, the aliens and the humans have dissected one another for many years now and they know about each other’s agenda and motives both personal and social.

The aliens have tried to extinguish humans and the humans have tried to make the aliens go back but up till now both have failed. After Earth Valor and Earth Fire most of the fans got the message that the people of the earth are planning in a big way to fight back but that plan is not clear. First thing is that they lack the resources and the courage too, they have lost men millions of them in minutes and seconds.

Now if they lose the last fighting gadgets that they are left with and the soldier too than there would be nothing left on the land. The series is getting a little sluggish if we talk about the story because no gigantic twist and turn is observed but the action is loaded.

For those who are all ears for space adventures and intergalactic fights this one is the perfect choice to make. Jeffrey Kafer is doing fine narrating each dialogue clearly and in an understandable accent. The voice never pinch you ear even when the situation is corrosive.

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