Eternity’s Wheel

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Eternity’s Wheel is another fantastic attempt on the science fiction fantasy for teens. It is a joint writing production between Neil Gaiman, Mallory Reaves and Michael Reeves. The audio book stands as the part 3 of the InterWorld series, which by now has already been a declared sensation among masses. Alexander Cendese has been given the opportunity for the narration of this novel and it turned out to be a great performance.

The Enternity’s Wheel brings up a heart pounding ending to the best-selling saga in New York Times. The novel is full of some great magic and the exceptional story of time and space travel. Not to forget that how beautifully the authors have played around with science, while also keeping its integrity intact to some extent.

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It is also a story about the immense bravery of a fine young boy, who is now set to face his destiny and circumstances as a young man.

Joey Harker was in no mood of ever becoming a leader. But, he is the unanimous choice as everyone is looking up to him in order to deal with the FrostNight that looms. He in any case has to step up and lead, if there is any chance of saving the InterWorld and even the Multiverse and anything and everything that exist in between.

It is not rated as a typical novel of Neil Gaiman, but it turned out to be something really special, which the audience loved in general. It also shows the versatility and super abilities of Neil Gaiman as a writer and his team in bringing up such a sensation. Definitely, a novel worthy of your time.



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