Every Dog Has His Day

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Every dog has his day is a story that has been written in the sequence of series Hank the Cowdog written by John R. Erickson, this is the book 10 which describes the day when the Hank has to confront the reality that another pooch named Benny has just been introduced that would be taking his place. But as a fighter, a courageous security head and the dog that everyone can trust, Hank is not in the mood to get out of the ranch in any way.

He has to prove that he is the one that everyone needs and could help everyone to get out of the mysteries and the problem that is there waiting for the people around the ranch

Now he has to prove that no any other dog could replace him and he has his worth because of his unique personality that keep him attached to the ranch and its dwellers.

The whole adventure goes beyond the usual adventure level as Hank has to prove its worth in a very clear way that no one would doubt the worth he has.

How he approaches the issue and what could be the solution is the real things that kids would be listening to while hearing the story. Just in the stories, kids listen about The Case of the Halloween Ghost

and The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse there will be story twists and songs to enjoy that will compel kids to listen to it again and again.





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