Fairy Tale

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Before starting any fiction story, there should be one clear thing in mind i.e the reason or motive behind the thing. Fiction and fantasy stories are basically written for the sake of escapism. We want to run away from the real world which usually teases us on most occasions. So we want to delve into something imaginary for a while that can make us forget all about the boredom and dull daily routines.

The world of imagination can inculcate gay feelings in our minds permanently. For this reason, authors like Stephen King are quite famous. King knows exactly what to provide to the vast audience which has been following him since the day when he wrote masterpieces such as The Dark Tower I. The series made King quite famous but here the series is a bit different because it is not about action initially.

A common boy from the street is selected for traveling into the parallel dimension. Charlie didn’t have any big dreams in his mind as all he wanted was to be a normal boy but the incident with his mother changes everything for him. In that condition, the dog named Radar seems to be his only friend.

The owner of the dog looks suspicious like the characters of It for some time but in the later stages, he proves to be helpful and caring for Charlie. Seth Numrich has narrated quite a sensation when the boy is told about the door to the parallel dimension by the old man. The door provides an escape to the boy from the real world which has become hell for him.

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    1. I LOVED this book! Another Stephen King favorite for me! And the narrator was fantastic! I laughed, I cried and I pictured everything in my head. Better than a movie! Thank you for uploading this amazing audiobook!


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