First Betrothed Series, Book 5

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The series didn’t end on the fourth part only the love story between the husband and wife reached to a conclusion there. Hades still lives and that prove to be the most teasing thing for him because from the inside he is empty.

This hollow man can love no one now and he even has no interest in the business or fame that he still enjoys in plenty. He tries to busy himself by remaining in the presence of beautiful women but it is of no avail. That one woman who loved him as a person and not because of things that are in his possession is not there anymore.

After losing her he has nothing else to lose but that does not mean that his grudge for the underworld has ended. Forces from the underworld emerge to the surface world to take over Hades business and it is time to answer them back.

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In Husband and Lover , Hades was thinking of surviving and was worried about Sofia too but now he is not that much worried about his business rather he has intentions of stopping the underworld. Not every time he can let the evil snatch from him the thing that he loves or needs. Penelope Sky starts another war between Hades and his old nemesis in the same voice of Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola.

The narrators have presented a fine example of coordination in the series. Not even at a single spot the two have slipped in narration, their voice quality has also remained matchless. Not much emotional but passion can be felt from both sides and it is like the start of a competition. There are three new characters in the story i.e Anna, Liam and Damien. The story shifts from Hades to them in the later stage which means that the next part would be on the more as compared to Hades and Sofia. Member Benefit

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