First Lord’s Fury

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Series goes to the making of the First Lord who has done it all for the safety of the land, being victorious in so many battles he is now ready to take over. Battles on the borders have been Gaius’ specialty but he has not performed badly in dealing with internal conflicts and treachery in the court. None can question against his authority and locality to the land now and with the crowning he gets the greeting from the enemy in shape of a big war. Vord came to the land in Princeps’ Fury and the fury was uncontrollable for just one army.

The savages fight in such a deadly way that only the bones of their enemy are left on the battlefield. Gaius has high aim to reach Calderon Valley along with the legions that he commands so that they can set their post to fight against the accursed enemy.

This first battle could quite easily be the last of the First Lord, but he is ready for the “do or die” situation. Jim Butcher was not bad in this final episode; the author started the series in full bloom and then never held his horses back. The author allowed the series to flourish and develop fully in the voice of Kate Reading.

In the first book Furies of Calderon there were some suggestions that a male narrator was needed because of the fact that all the main characters were male but Kate never gave such suggestion a solid ground. She quickly became the fan favorite and after that it was a ride that she too enjoyed with the fans.



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