Flowers for Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon is an old but gold fictional novel that is still read with a lot of zeal and zest worldwide by all literature lovers. It is basically a science fiction story, which first got published in the form of a short novel in 1959. It initially became part of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and in no time, it was a hit everywhere. Daniel Keyes is the man behind writing this intriguing novel many decades ago.

Jeff Woodman is the narrator of this novel who impressed everyone with his candid performance. His dialect and emotions were spot on which all the audience of this novel thoroughly enjoyed.

Charlie Gordon is the central character of this novel who is fully aware about himself that he isn’t bright at all. At the age of 32, he use to mop the floors in a bakery ship and earns just enough to make his ends meet. He use to study in a center for mentally challenged people for three days in a week. Doctors were looking to perform a highly daring surgery n Charlie’s brain. Doctors were of the opinion that a successful operation could significantly enhance the intelligence of Charlie, just as it has been done for Algernon, the muse in the laboratory.

The book won the Hug Award in 1960 for the best short story category. It also won the Nebula Award for the best novel in 1966 after its longer version got published. It became extremely popular as it appeared as a TV special show and also became part of anthologies. An award winning movie by the name of Charly is also based on this novel.





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