Extreme Ownership


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The Extreme Ownership book is based on some really amazing concepts of Business and Leadership. The book is part of the Extreme Ownership series by the authors. It is a nonfiction book written by Jocko Wilink and Leif Babin and they both have done the narration of this book as well in  very professional and neutral tone.

Combat or war is considered as one of the most dynamic imaginable environment and it teaches the best leadership lessons to people. The authors of this book learned this reality on the most dangerous war field in Iraq. They were the leaders in SEL Team and the mission they were on was thought to be impossible. The mission was to secure the violent city of Ramadi, while helping the U.S. forces.

Extreme Ownership

During the course of that mission, they learned some great concepts of leadership and also dealt with tragic losses, hard-won victories and heroism. Their main lesson was that leadership on every level is the most crucial factor in the success or failure of a team.

When they both returned home from their deployment in Iraq, then they started to pass on their accumulated SEAL leadership training that they learned in the battlefield. The training was primarily designed for the future SEAL leaders.

Echelon Front was the name of their company that they launched after leaving the SEAL team and their main clients were leaders in different organizations, businesses and companies in different private sectors.

The other novels by the authors, which you must listen to are Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. Both these books depicts some really amazing and informative concepts of leadership and business.



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