Force of Nature

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This thriller is with a lot of suspense and the quality of suspense is that it keeps on building making your mind to run fast towards the end. The curiosity keeps you interest alive and you toil for the answers in form of clues.

Jane Harper puts a very important question in front of us through the story “do we really know the people who are around us”. The story is about five friends who suppose that they know each other well and then all of a sudden after a hike only four of them return.

No trace is found of the fifth woman and when the investigation starts all the four women who came out of the woods alive amaze the police. Each of these women narrates a different story related to the missing woman and one thing is obvious they are lying. Aaron Falk the one with keen interest in the case goes much deeper not only in the case but in the forest as well.

The more he looks into it the more suspicious and complex the case becomes and the evidence show that there was always a sense of betrayal among the friends. Moreover none of the hikers wanted to go into the muddy forest but they were forest to do so and thus the calamity occurred.

The plot is similar to The Dry and The Lost Man but the narration by Stephen Shanahan really makes the difference. The sensation can be felt to a great extremity by the pronunciation of the words in a grave voice. The narrator never slips in delivering an accurate sound in all the acts of the novel.






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