Matefinder: Volume 1


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    With paranormal activities on the rise in this new series, it becomes the best possible option for the weekend. The action and suspense are not going to end at once in this novel rather they will go a long way. The werewolves used to be a strong race in the past and they still have that muscle power with the help of which they can dominate the humans but there is something else that is bothering them.

    They are not reproducing and their population has decreased at an alarming rate. Finding the right mate has been a problem for them because of which the females are not giving birth to the new breed. Then one day Kai was hiding in the woods when he saw a human female dying after a terrible accident.

    Aurora had a terrible life since her early youth and now after the accident, she thought that her life would be over soon but she awakes with the werewolves instead. Kai i.e the werewolf turns her into one of the werewolves to save her life.

    Matefinder: Volume 1

    Aurora starts feeling the change in her body, for the first time in her life she feels strong. Also, she is different from the rest of the werewolves, she is the Matefinder which the werewolves have been searching for. This makes Aurora very important and at the same time increases threats to her.

    Now the enemies of the werewolves want Aurora dead at any rate. Leia Stone has written another series in the form of Shadow Angel: Book One and Shadow Angel, Book Three too so start that series after finishing this one. Dara Rosenberg’s spectacular voice glitters in this book and in the entire series too.

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