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Gauntlgrym is part 23 of the very long and highly interesting Legend of Drizzt novel series. Every chapter of this series is worth your while and Gauntlgrym is no different in this regard. The author, R. A. Salvatore ha really done an inspiring job to produce a character as big as Drizzt Do’Urden and making him part of such a big series and a great storyline in all the chapters. Victor Bevine is back again to give his voice to the main character of this novel and taking it a level ahead on the ladder of success.

Drizzt pairs up with Bruenor on his search for the remarkable dwarven empire of Gauntlgrym. The ruins of the kingdom indicates the richness with possession of a large chunk of ancient treasure and as well as the arcane lore. But before they both could get any closer, another pair of the dwarf and drow staggers across it. The pair is of Athrogate and Jarlaxle. The latter pair in their hunt for magic and treasure inadvertently setup a catastrophe, which could result in a big disaster for the unwary inhabitants of the Neverwinter city.

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Unfortunately, the more they try to proceed forward, the more complicated the entire nexus gets. Things were not getting normal and easy at all for them.

The Pirate King and The Ghost King novels are from the Forgotten Realms novel series. This is sub series of Legend of Drizzt series and highly engaging by all means to mesmerize a large range of audiences. The epic science fiction subject novels are also penned by R. A. Salvatore and you must find time to listen to their audio version for hours of pure entertainment.


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