Generation Z: The Queen of War

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Generation Z: The Queen of War is the third chapter in the Generation Z novel series. It is artistically written by Peter Meredith, who already is accredited with the success of quite a few novels more. The subject novel is a post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy, which became a sensation with its very strong and power storyline and characters. Brian Callanan has done the narration of this novel, which was highly appreciated and a good one for the audience. 

In this novel, the savage fight continues and rages from one end of the bay to the other end, just as the continued to be dangerous Corsairs gets fragments into factions. Each of those were battling hard to see that who will end up in taking the ultimate control.

Jenn Lockhart is stuck right in the center of the bay over a little nub of an island. Jenn was there with all her shattered defenders, who had no other option other than to see things going helplessly. They were all fully aware that they will be the prize eventually. All their men would get killed, their wounded bodies would be chucked into the bay to drown and the women would get raped brutally before they get sold into slavery. Jen was helpless and the war has left them very low on ammunition. 

Peter Meredith has written a number of beautiful novels based on science fiction fantasy. If you are in search for more such exciting novels from the author, then to name a few, you should check out the Generation Z: The Queen Unthroned and The Apocalypse: The Undead World Novel 1 (Volume 1) novels.

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    Generation Z: The Queen of the Dead

    Generation Z: The Queen Unthroned


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