HALO: Evolutions

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Karen Traviss, Tobais Buckell and Eric Nylund combine forces for the sixth part that has eleven short stories in it. Each one of the story takes us to the scenes that were not discussed in detail in the original sequence. The three authors shift from the main war zone but none of the stories are totally out of the way thing. Characters along with the scenes are borrowed from the old books such as HALO: First Strike and HALO: The Flood then there are other new sides of the series too.

New stars and planetary system are introduced along with new dangers that the heroes never expected. Aliens with different motives try to reach core of human colony i.e Earth, but the heroes rise just in time to save the day. From the first part there was one important question rising in every part, question about the soldiers who always fight side by side with the main characters. We heard a lot about John but then there were other super soldiers too who were on his crew and helped him destroy Halo.

Some of the soldiers also laid down their lives in performing their duties with Lieutenant Jacob Keyes. These stories are especially written in the praise of all those soldiers. Holter Graham, Steve Downs, Frank O’ Conner and Jen Taylor narrate different characters and in some stories they work as a team for a better picture. Listening to this one would help us in understanding the secondary characters in the parts to come after this book. Stories not only provide the detail about humans but it provides us the in depth detail about aliens too which makes it more interesting.



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