Harbinger First Colony, Book 9

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They tried to save themselves from the deadly fangs of the aliens that landed on the earth and resultantly fell in the trap of more barbaric ones as compared to those who landed on earth. The people of the colony still survive, they have been the part of epic battles, have faced treachery on multiple occasions and remained outnumbered on most occasions but are still there. Heroes have emerged friends have gone down fighting and the enemy has not yet come out of the hiding.

Now we see everyone more determined as if they are now immune to the situation and bear everything that that’s why they are not afraid of anything now. Deadliest thing still remains and that is the division between the colony. Division is something which none of them can afford at this point when they are on the verge of a big war against the enemy unknown.

Krake is now revealing himself to everyone and Connor is with a suggestions for the aliens too because they too have a huge threat from Krake. The human and alien can finally join hands to protect the colony and the New Earth but a twist is seen when Colonel Sean Quinn is contacted by the Krake. Sean does not show reluctance to meet the demon because in this way he could have an opportunity to know about him in a better way.

More devastating than Genesis   and Nemesis it is now obvious that Ken Lozito is winding up the series we can sense this from the dramatic tone of Scott Aiello too who is now in the concluding mode.

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