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    After writing a marvelous series about wars and aliens Ken Lozito starts this new series once again in a huge way. It is science fiction once again and no doubt that has always remained the strength of the author. Jeff Hays is in the narration section now with the energetic voice narrating the story about Zack Quick who in search for something new comes to of something that makes his world go round.

    The man for more than a decade has been trying to hack into different companies getting out things of his own benefit and then he goes much too far and hacks something unique. The human race has not been alone on the planet and there is another race that is living along with it and is in the hiding planning big against the humans. The scenario is different but the human alien issue reminds us of Genesis   and Nemesis to a large extent. The government in this case is also aware of the whole thing but it is keeping it a secret so that the world does not come under a panic situation.

    Star Shroud

    Knowing the secrets of the NASA and the aliens at the same time makes Zack’s life a living hell within no time. He is the man who is wanted by both sides and it seems that he is the only one with the mighty brain that could produce a solution for mankind. It is once again a hero in the making and we have seen this on number of occasions in author’s works that he picks up an ordinary man and then brings out a hero out of him.


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