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    The second book begins with the struggle of Drizzt, after exiling himself from his homeland. The author captured the difficulties Drizzt have to go through in order to understand his new environment. It can take a toll on any individual, especially one that has been away from social interaction for a very long time.

    Homeland began at a mild pace as the characters need to express themselves while the readers know them. But there is nothing slow or mild about the beginning of this book. It began at an electric pace and maintained that pace till the end. That is what only an excellent Sci-Fi fantasy author can give you.


    In the first book, Homeland, the author showed the naïve side of Drizzt. He made some mistakes and took some poorly thought decisions.  But in this second book, the readers get to understand the real Drizzt as he revealed himself deeply gradually. His decision making, principles, and thought processes were presented in more detail than what was known about him in Homeland.

    Another interesting thing is the way author R.A Salvatore introduces the new culture and new races to the readers. It is very easy to grasps the kind of environment Drizzt exiled from and the kind he is currently living.


    After Drizzt was exiled from his homeland, he has to struggle to survive and fight for another home in far away Labyrinth.  However, there is someone who seriously takes vengeance on him over a past incidence. The Dark elves do not forgive easily, so Drizzt needs to watch over his back as you try to settle down.

    Just as the first book, Victor Bevine who narrated the book, gave every character their right diction. You can easily connect to the story even if you read the first book only once in a long time.

    There is no mispronunciation of names that may bring confusion to some readers. As Drizzt interacts with the new culture, it provides an aura of entertainment and action.


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    1. Love this site, every audiobook I looked for has been there. Especially as for the past 4 and a half months I have been laid up in bed with a badly broken leg. So wanna say thanks for putting so many great audiobooks on your website. If I can make a suggestion the audiobook immortality and chaos series would be great one to add and that would make the next couple of months in bed more bearable (it was that bad a break) and TV gets quite boring after a while. Again thanks for so many great audiobooks. Kind regards Darren


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