Godless Feathers and Fire, Book 7


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    Godless is documented by Shayne Silvers and narrated by Nicole Poole and these Nate Temple Series: Books 4-6 and Nate Temple Series: 0-3 are the more powerful documentations and considered as the more influencing highly recommended books.

    Callie Penrose has returned to kill vampires and bite bubblegum. Slaughter is the best medication and she is completely out of “bubblegum”. Callie has had a harsh few days. Five minutes after finding she had a “Godfather”, she discovered that the eventual fate of the world relied upon both of them going on a prompt street outing. The “Castle Dracula”, a spot even the otherworldly local area accepted to be a metropolitan fantasy, dead and deserted sometime in the past when “Dracula” had died because of “Van Helsing, Mina and Jonathan Harker”.

    Godless Feathers and Fire, Book 7

    Except “Dracula” and his palace were fit as a fiddle and more regrettable, he had been subtly running the “Sanguine Council”, the legislative body of each vampire on the planet since the time his supposed passing. Furthermore “Callie’s” first Godfather-girl dance was to go kill the “Sultan of Suck” unequivocally. However, she before long discovered that “Dracula” is without a doubt not worth fretting over. Furthermore, that a few bonds ought to never be produced. Since once made, they can never be broken. Callie Penrose is going to show the world dread in a palmful of blood.

    Shayne Silvers, Jim Butcher, and Kevin Hearne are effectively the beloved metropolitan dream writers. Pagan did not have the standard battling and activity in pretty much every part as we have generally expected in “Callie’s” experiences.

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