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Heroes continue the space exploration just as they have done in the first six parts. Fighting for their world has been the task assigned to Jack, Trip, and Mike for years. They have not looked back since then, there have come moments when they totally lost the battles against their accursed enemies but then sacrifices were made and tables were turned.

Thus the enemy has not succeeded in its dark desires till now and now the side of the heroes is looking for the enemy’s core. If the core of the resident planet is reached and destroyed, the threat of the enemy would be vanquished forever. Reaching the enemy and leaving in one piece was of course never part of the plan because the team knew what it was looking for was worse than death if they fail.

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Then someone has to put an end to the maniac which has continued for decades. Mark Tufo and John O’Brien have prepared the audience for Asgard in this sixth part. Most of the listeners after listening to this novel can tell that the end is approaching but with this pace, it will still take another half a decade to end this gigantic series in style.

A lot has been explored in space by Jack and the rest of the gang but there are corners which they wish to go to in search of more adventure if they get the time to.  Sean Runnette’s voice makes the characters look more active and advanced in their approach towards their voyage ahead. Most of them are worried about their fate but their zeal is not dwindling at all.

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