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Inkspell was a highly anticipated novel after the success of the first chapter. The book is a 2nd chapter of the Inkheart trilogy. It is beautifully written by Cornelia Funke. The trilogy is a science fiction fantasy, especially for children. After going through it, you will realize that it is timeless and ageless, while people of different age-groups could equally enjoy it. The other two chapters in the Inkheart trilogy are Inkheart and Inkdeath.

Brendan Fraser has done the narration of this chapter. The narrator all on his own took this excellently written novel to another level. The performance was very powerful and you will love the energy and positive vibes in the audio format.

A year has gone by and there was not even a single day when Meggie has not thought about the Inkheart. It was the book that had its characters coming to life and that changed her entire life forever.

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However, for Dustfinger, the need for making a return to the story has become so desperate. When he discovered a crooked storyteller then he leaves behind Farid, his young assistant, and gets into the medieval Inkscape for one more time.

Farid started his search for Meggie and soon, both of them get caught right inside the book. There they met Fenoglio, the author of Inkheart’s book. Now, they are both living within his very own story. But, the story in the book is a lot changed now and it is highly threatening to evolve in several ways that nobody could have ever imagined.

Inkspell won the Sense Book of the year award in 2006. It is a fantastic read and listens to the children. Brendan with the powerful narration made it even more appealing in the audio format to the children and even adults. Member Benefit

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