Joe Ledger

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Jonathan Maberry is a promising novelist with quite a several novels under his belt. The Joe Ledger series is his best work and the subject novel is edited by himself along with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. The book is a collection of some short stories that are on and about the different adventures of Joe Ledger.

This 13-hours long audiobook will be good enough to draw your attention towards the mainstream chapters of the series. If you want to know about a couple of exciting books from Jonathan then do try Nights of the Living Dead and Don’t Turn Out the Lights.

The narration of these different short stories is done by Ray Porter. He is a very capable performer and has got the potential to turn dull characters sound so good. This time, however, he had the powerful character of Joe Ledger to be played, which he has done effortlessly.

The short stories in this collection are definitely about Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences nail-biting adventures. Joe is a former cop from Baltimore and now he is recruited by the secret agency of the government to stop the potential terrorist activities.

The stakes for Joe Ledger in every case and investigation are always high. His complex situations and cases keep the audience at the edge of their seat and this is the real beauty of this and several other novels in the Joe Ledger series.

Joe Ledger is a phenomenal collection of short stories. The audience after listening to these novels asks for knowing the whole story. They are that tempting and Jonathan Maberry has brilliantly written and edited it.

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