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Legend: A Harrowing Story from the Vietnam War of One Green Beret’s Heroic Mission to Rescue a Special Forces Team Caught Behind Enemy Lines

Eric Blehm goes big this time as he chooses the story of a legendary soldier for his novel this time and it is not like the one in which we heard about an ordinary ranger. In the book like The Last Season the writer took an average man for the story and now we are watching a war hero who goes on the other side of the border in order to save a team of soldiers trapped behind the enemy lines.

Courage and supreme display of bravery is what the novel presents to us in culinary terms. It is Vietnam where the author takes us this time and the war zone is full of dead bodies and the whine of guns can be heard even from a distance. A twelve man squad of the US went a bit deeper into the forest where the American soldiers were not allowed to go and they found themselves in a mess later on.

Hundreds of men from the enemy side start heavy shelling and the stress call is heard by Sergeant Roy who luckily had a helicopter that could unleash hell on the enemy zone. The soldier never hesitated even for a single moment in going behind the enemy lines for his friends.

Roy once a cotton picker on the land joined the army and came to Vietnam for some action. In his first assault he got broken bones and most of the people thought that he would not be able to walk again but there he was for another heroic event. Fred Sanders energetic voice is ample to make the listeners feel the sensation of the war zone. It also raises the spirit of fighting for a friend when the need arises.



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