Leviathan Falls

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Leviathan Falls is the ninth book in The Expanse novel series. It is a science fiction and fantasy novel which is written by James S. A. Corey. There are two authors behind this name who are Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. They are from New Mexico and are known for writing gripping science fiction. Leviathan Wakes is probably their best chapter in The Expanse novel series. The Sins of Our Fathers is another notable book from the duo.

The audio narration of Leviathan Falls is done by Jefferson Mays. He received top reviews for his performance and it was truly exceptional.

The entire Laconian Empire had fallen and that led to 1300 solar systems breaking free from any sort of rule of Winston Duarte. But, the ancient enemy behind the killing of the gate builders was all awake. Moreover, the war against our known universe has triggered once again.

Elvi in the dead system led a desperate mission for understanding all about the gate builders. Moreover, the scientific mission was also about knowing that who destroyed the gate builders. She was willing to go to any extent to accomplish the goals of her mission, even if it requires her to compromise herself and as well as the partial-alien children who bear all the weight of her probing.

Col. Aliana hunted for the missing daughter of Duarte all through the wider systems of mankind. In Rocinante on the other side, James Holden struggled a lot along with his crew for building a better future for mankind.

This was a long-awaited book in The Expanse series and it didn’t disappoint at all. This novel brings this fantastic series to an awesome conclusion.

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