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The Kindle country has faced serious law issues over the years in different parts of this series and now a new crime emerges in the area that has remained notorious. It’s a rape case that is brought to the court that is working under George Mason for a very longtime. George is not the enthusiastic type of a person, he has lead calm and quiet life but this does not mean that he had been lazy on his day’s job.

The judge has just tried to keep things simple in life with no personal and professional issues intact. No after the emergence of the rape case things began to change around the judge who starts to think that he is not fit for the job anymore. It is not the first rape case that has come to his court but there are problems in his house that are disturbing him, problems related to his wife.

Another issue is the threats that have started to reach his house after the opening of the case. With all this pressure George thinks that he could not perform in an efficient way in the court that has been under his supervision for a decade. Personal Injuries and Reversible Errors were not giving pessimistic feeling, here George is not willing to fight rather at this stage he is thinking of accepting defeat. But then he realizes that running away is not an option left for him after that he fights all the circumstances like a man. Scott Turow’s new sensation is narrated by Stephen Lang and for the lovers of courtroom drama it is a pure delight.

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