Personal Injuries

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For most of the people around the world it is an obvious thing that one gets caught in things in which he thinks that he is an expert. Over confidence makes most of us pay heavily in life because we are usually not prepared for a bouncing back of events. Scott Turow makes use of this idea and creates another law associated drama. It’s the best player this time that gets caught in his own net just when he thinks that he has kept everything under control. Robbie Feaver the man who thought that dealing with legal issues was just a game finds himself all caught up in serious bribe issue.

Robbie never thought that he would fall for such a trick in life but now he finds himself in the hot waters. There are more than one people who get knit to him now and even an FBI agent is stick to this case somehow. Playing safe is not an option and Robbie Feaver makes himself ready to play his wild card. We have seen decent lawyers and law enforcers in The Burden of Proof and Pleading Guilty but here the main character is not in the habit of playing fair.

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Although the man is cunning and he has not been fair in his profession but he has something in his personality that make us attracted to him and we want him to get a clean chit in the end. Mark Bramhall provides a relaxed tone during the narration and that was most appropriate because we are looking at a man who is in a tense scenario but he does not want to show it. Member Benefit

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