The Laws of Our Fathers


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    Crime scenes, legal issues and runaways have garnished this series till now and now a new one with the murder case of a politician’s wife. Though the lady killed in the shooting was the ex-wife of a high profiled person but still her killing rocked the whole city. The news became the headline within no time and the law enforcing agencies were questioned once again but this time more seriously.

    Old faces from the past join hands and with that old stories also come into play, there are several characters that reminds us of previous parts like The Burden of Proof and Pleading Guilty. The novel starts in the present and then with the emergence of the old law related people it moves to past and then for the solution of the current issue it once again comes to the present. The shift of the scenes in different time spans is equally balanced and the time given to the characters is also well balanced.

    The Laws of Our Fathers

    Scott Turow had to use his full talent as a writer to do justice with that many characters. In narration there are some issues not with the clarity but with the gender. Robert G. Slade has narrated both male and female characters which make it tough for the listener to distinguish between men and women, a female narrator along with Robert could have done the trick.

    The story is strong as always without any weak knots anywhere in the chapters in addition there are some facts that are associated to history. We come to know how things were back in the sixties related to law and order of the cities.

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