Reversible Errors


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    Gandolph killed three people in a row and now he is getting the death sentence, one thing is sure that he is not going to get any relief. The case has taken many years to come to this point when the judge is sure that Gandolph should be hanged till death. None of the members of the jury thought that the case would get such a change with the emergence of Arthur Raven.

    In this situation if Gandolph becomes a free man as a result of this new proof several lawyers who have been on the case for decades would be defamed in the end. Thus people like Muriel and Larry are not ready to let go the case and the criminal that they have proved guilty over the past many years.

    The Yellow man has an extra edge in the form of the judge who gave him the death penalty for the first time. The judge was actually a big fraud and she herself got arrested years ago because she was taking bribes from the criminals.

    Reversible Errors

    Thus it could be possible that she just gave Gandolph the punishment because he was not paying her the money that she demanded out of him. Scott Turow has created characters of quite worth in The Burden of Proof and Pleading Guilty but there was none like this one.

    Story once again has tricky law details that might confuse those who have no idea about the laws of the country. J.R. Horne provides an authoritative voice to the case and such narration was needed because the scenes are serious and tense and a meek voice would have been a disaster.

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