Lords and Ladies

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Happy tides have reached the Discworld, charm, romance and prosperity has returned to the land after a lot of wars. Much has been seen being destroyed and wars have made everyone suffer a lot, for once everyone joins hands and is ready to take part in the upcoming wedding. Magrat Garlick’s marriage makes the previous night a time of excitement and enjoyment for all the people of the Discworld. Between these times of gay happiness the evil returns once again in the form of elves.

Elves prove to be the most notorious creatures in the Discworld, they use magic for destroying the life and property of the people. They show no mercy during the murders that they commit and for them everyone except their own colony is their enemy which needs to be erased from the world. Granny Weatherwax gets a call because of the situation and her coven finally gets a big mission. Tasks that the witch sisters performed in Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad were not that much terrorizing.

Though for the witches those tasks were gigantic too as they got the job done in the last moments but this one is a serious mission. Margrat has been in the trio from the beginning and a hurdle in her marriage is not something that can be tolerated.

Attack by the elves could result in a war full of magic and dead bodies but for the cunning witches there are other ways to tackle the problem without a serious fight. Nigel Planner’s job has been made easy by Terry Pratchett once again as there were a lot of female characters that needed a voice.

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