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Author of the modern era i.e Alice Oseman writes about a girl who has remained loveless from her youth. No one has attracted her thus her life is empty and she is spending her life without love or crush of any kind. Among friends, there has never been any boy or girl that has appealed to her so much that she would develop a bond with him or her. Some say she thinks too much and for others, she is one cursed being who thinks a lot about love but is not ready to accept it.

Several of Georgia’s friends were eligible for dating but she never approached them because she wasn’t attracted to them. From appearances, she also does not look like a girl with pure feelings for one true love so, in a nutshell, her life is complicated. As Georgia gets settled in a new place the author gives her a chance to date one of her own choices.

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The more she starts going closer the better she starts feeling about the relationship. Then the real face of the man starts to appear before her or perhaps she was never ready to see any weakness in one true love that she found in life. With the only chance slipping out of her hands she thinks that she would remain that way all her life.

Elizabeth Hopper’s accurate dealing with the characters in narration makes it better in class than Radio Silence and Nick and Charlie. All the four works of Alice are still good to listen to. The books are as original as the problems and issues that these books discuss which all genuine and life-like. Member Benefit

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