Magic Tree House 1-8

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Mary Pope Osborne has created and narrated these tales in a perfect way as no one else could have done. Each story is different from the rest in this magic tree house series but the quest and the characters are the same. Jack and Annie the brother and sister start their journey from the dinosaur world in “Dinosaurs before dark” in which they escape death then come the “knight at dawn” where they fail to get along with the knights of the past. “Mummies in the morning and pirates past noon” share the life of pirates and some myths related to mummies.

The quest to find Morgan le Fay takes them to the ninja world in the “nights of ninjas” they learn the art of fighting for the first time and thus leave the defensive mood and come to real fighting. In “Afternoon on the Amazon and Sunset of the saber tooth” they fight vampire bats and saber tooth tiger and successfully complete their mission but still fail to find Morgan le Fay. 

Their last and final destination is the moon and all they have to do is to find something starting with the letter “M” in order to help Morgan le Fay and also to end their long quest related to the magic tree house. This time for the first time they find themselves in the future, but the future is not much helpful to them as they still lack oxygen supply on the moon. The stories have a sense of adventure and also a bond is there in the form of Morgan whom both Jack and Annie are bound to find so that they can end the whole thing.

Not only these, but the author has other book series that are worth listening to including Magic Tree House Collection: Books 9-16 and Merlin Mission Collection which you may not want to leave out.



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