All the Missing Girls


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    Megan Miranda starts the novels in detail and it takes time before the novel comes into the top gear but after that, there is no break for anyone. Rebekkah Ross the narrator also most of the time does not seem to breathe even during the progress of the story. In The Last House Guest and The Girl from Widow Hills killers were totally impossible to find and then in one odd moment, everything is brought to light for the audience. The story is about the girls once again and the abduction of one brings the others under a suspicion. Nicolette Farrell used to live quite happily with her friends in her home town but after the disappearance of Corinne, she lost interest in the town.

    All the Missing Girls

    Nic left the town never to come back again but that too was not possible for her because of her father. After ten years the girl returns to the town for her father who is on his deathbed. When she returns the case of her old friend reopens with the abduction of another girl named Annaleise Carter.

    Annaleise was the new neighbor of Nic and with her abduction, the girl thinks that she should make an investigation of her own about the missing girls of the town. Also, there is a possibility that Nic is the next on the list of the abductor which means that her life has also come under the radar after her return. This time she is not leaving the town and has decided to end the case on a high note. The story goes in reverse order when Nic starts thinking from day fifteen to the day one about all the happenings around her.

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