The Girl from Widow Hills

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Sleepwalking is a terrible thing for those who have a few people in the house because during such activity at night there is also a threat of an accident. Arden Maynor also faces such an issue in her life; whenever she is mentally tense she starts sleepwalking. When she was just a young girl one day she got lost during sleepwalking. The whole town and the rescue parties gathered to find the girl but she was nowhere to be found. The whole of the town thought she was dead but then she was finally found in a precarious situation.

People around her thought that she was the luckiest girl alive and her news became a media sensation very quickly. Every year the media and the people of the town started celebrating her birthday or the day she was supposed to be reborn after the rescue. Years passed like this and the girl thought that this fame was hurting her privacy so she just changed her name and tried to vanish. She migrated to a far off town and named herself Olivia. Being Olivia proved helpful for her because she hid from the public eye.

Now with the birthday approaching Olivia is tense because someone could recognize her and her disguise would just wash away. Being tense mentally the girl starts sleepwalking again and this time when she opens her eyes she sees the dead body of someone close to her. Megan Miranda creates sensation twice in this novel, first half was when we find Arden clung to a drain, and secondly when she collides with a dead body. Like The Last House Guest and All the Missing Girls, the novel just doesn’t provide a time to relax. Throughout until Rebekkah comes to the narration of the last word the listener just remains stern.

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    The Last House Guest

    All the Missing Girls


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