Crown of Midnight


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    “Your heart always tells you what you really are” proves to be the message of the novel in this second book. No matter what the world says or does to you, the basic personality remains unchanged. Celaena Sardothien the assassin of one of a kind can kill anyone as she has never failed all her life. Her targets never get a second chance and if someone is bidding on her he is bound to succeed not matter how tough the opponent is.

    Right from the beginning the moment she started knowing herself, she has been fighting and struggling in life. First it was the Salt Mines and then the royal contest that she one with quite an ease. Becomes the royal assassin within no time and getting the favors of the throne all the time after that. The issue however still remains that whether she likes her job or her skills contradict her true emotions.

    Crown of Midnight

    It seems that she has a hidden agenda, a mission that she is bound to fulfill because of which she tries to move close to the royal family. Sarah J. Maas has really added teenage spirit in the novel and has created an appealing scenario that really rocks or passion to move ahead in life.

    Elizabeth Evans’ voice too is an exact match with Celaena’s character has she takes on this job in almost all the parts like Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows. The climax is always dealt with extreme care and with full motivation that portrays real enthusiasm hidden in the novel in almost all the chapters of this part and the rest of the series.


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