Magician: Master

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Pug a strange little magician of Midkemia always had a unique touch in his magic that the other magician and even his master lacked. Something from within forced him in Magician: Apprentice to use the odd ways in magic. For him it was just in his mind and then his soul gets attached to the matter and he starts visualizing the truth about himself. Raymond E. Feist changes the apprentice into master in this one after he gets kidnapped by the Tsurani.

The Tsurani made him a slave but they never knew that the chosen one’s fate brought him to the land of this strange magic. He reaches Kelewan and his true powers start to unleash themselves on their own, not only this he gets the strength to tackle them more easily than ever. It was his fate to become Milamber, the one who would save both world single handed after reaching his full potential.

The enemy however has not been ignorant of Pug’s potential and it has been keeping an eye on him from the day he set foot on the land. War starts but this one does not launch the mega war that is predicted to take place between the good and evil in both worlds. Here Nicholas Guy Smith narrates just the start of the war or we can say that this book presents the trial of what is more to come in the series, in the books like Silverthorn.  Nothing attached to the world of magic is borrowed from any other book; it is all purely a creation of Raymond’s mental genius that remains incomparable till the present day.


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    Magician: Apprentice



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