Never Lie

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A couple eager to find an ideal place for their settlement reaches a strange house that was surely not the house of their dreams. They were looking for a simple and beautiful house instead they end up at Dr. Adrienne Hale’s residence which vanished four years ago. The house was available but it was so spooky that the couple didn’t want to stay in the house for a single minute.

They were about to leave the house when a nasty storm surrounded the area and Tricia and Ethan had no other choice but to stay at that place for the night. Tricia became interested in the house after some time and she started looking for a book for which she started searching the house. Instead of the book, she found a room full of cassette tapes.

In those cassette tapes, there was the complete detail of the patients who used to come to Hale for their psychological treatment. As Tricia started listening to those tapes, she found out that she could track down Hale as well because his disappearance was actually linked to those tapes somehow. Listening to the tapes one by one was the only answer and Tricia had all the time in the world to do that.

Leslie Howard does not make the narration look spooky because clarity is needed in such books. Freida McFadden keeps on making the story more and more interesting after every cassette and till the last cassette, the entire world of the young woman goes upside down. Never miss a single sentence of this book like The Housemaid and One by One because the secrets are hidden deep in these dialogues and statements.

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