A World of Curiosities


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    The honor of narrating the novel is given to Robert Bathurst which is another awesome treat for the fans. Louise Penny i.e the author of this long woven series takes everyone to Three Pine where the action always takes place in this series.  The action has never ended since the first episode when Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir came together for action for the first time.

    Together they have been the best time to fight crimes, especially those linked to murders. Years ago they solved the case of the murder of a woman whose two children were quite upset about her death. The boy and girl left the town after the murder issue and they were quite helpless at that time.

    A World of Curiosities

    Now Gamache and Jean get surprised when they find out that the two children have returned to the village and they are not helpless kids anymore. Gamache thinks that they have returned with a special purpose at hand because they don’t appear to be normal by any means.

    During this time Gamache also finds an old letter in which there is a talk about a certain room in the village which happens to be full of secrets. With the help of a team, Gamache is able to find the room which appears to be full of curiosities.

    A strange battle starts in the town again and the case needs to be solved as quickly as possible. The Brutal Telling and The Beautiful Mystery are good stories but there were layers in those novels.  This one is a multi-layered story in which the situation gets cleared after a long span of time. Keep your mind focused because you are in for a lot of surprises.

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