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Rise of a hero, emergence of a new era and rebuilding of a nation from the ashes starts this series and it is really amazing that N.C. Reed has kept a balance between all of this stuff. Kingdom of Soulan faced death a century ago when all of its elite technology was dashed to the ground as a result of a horror that came to the land. Not only the technology but those with the brilliant minds were erased from the face of the planet forever, now only those remain that survived that havoc.

Though some of the people survived but they don’t possess the knowledge that once made them control everything around them. People of Soulan after surviving are finally trying to come to the development era so that they can regain their lost glory but the devil of war no waits at its borders. Between all this there happens to be a ray of hope not for the crown but for the people of the kingdom in the shape of Parno McLeod.

Parno a prince by birth does not like the royal protocol and he likes enjoying his life like a commoner among the common people. It is for him the narrator Eric Michael Summerer has developed a special style so that he can be recognized among the common men.

The young prince drinks and enjoys life among the masses until he is sent to the borders for a show against the enemy. Parno’s Destiny and Parno’s Gambit are the next parts of the series and one should not break the sequence of the series. Listening to the books in a random order would mess up the fun and the story would become tough to understand. Although the book has several parts but it should be considered as a one big book that continues in rhythm.

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    Parno’s Destiny


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