Feet of Clay


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    Autumn fog arrests every dark alley of Ankh-Morpork which makes it an ideal place for the commission of the crime. A murderer is on the loose and apparently it has no pattern that can help in tracking him. Moreover objective of the criminal is unknown surely it is not killing for the sake of vengeance because the targets are the old men of the town.

    City Watch gets into trouble because of this murderer running wild in the neighborhood. To add more to the trouble the solemn men of clay have become mad and they are committing suicide. No one knows why they are doing this, their life was going on well before the fog and now the fog has brought this madness upon them. Catastrophe surrounds the whole area and with werewolves on the street at night, Samuel Vimes the commander of the City Watch is forced to think that the reason is quite near him.

    Feet of Clay

    Terry Pratchett is focusing more on suspense after Interesting Times and Maskerade here too there is no war apparently but the danger can be felt in the air. No one is safe though they are under the mighty Watch, because the reason is unknown.

    Enemy still has not brought itself to light and with hidden attacks on everyone there is a serious doubt in the mind of the villagers about the security guards. Strange hiring in the City Watch makes many raise questions against the authorities even. Nigel Planer has narrated all of the situations in clarity but the werewolves’ impact got a little sidetracked because it needed some lust and masculinity in it.

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