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From fantasy and battlefields story shifts to murder mystery, murder not new in the Discworld but its mysterious nature brings a twist. Ankh-Morpork’s opera house becomes the highlighted place where the crime is committed in a busy evening. Among the audience there is a killer who is after his prey and when the time is right in a lonely portion the killer gets the job done. The mastermind had all the weak links covered and there is chance that he was planning this crime for quite a while.

The criminal would have gotten away with everything if Granny Weatherwax the witch leader in Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad had not been among the audience. Old witch just cannot tolerate an evil in her presence and the moment she hears about the suspicious thing she is on to the case. Evil is seen in an evening dress which is in a really bad state but this does not mean that it’s an ancient thing. Chase creates suspense and mystery decorates every chapter of the book.

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It has been a while since Terry Pratchett has written such a kind of story that has mystery and also that happens in a limited zone with not a lot of characters involved. For Nigel Planer it was a test of skills, narrating mysteries and suspense stories is a lot more difficult than narrating fantasies.

Suspense stories need a voice that can knit the whole scene in the mind of the listener just as the author wanted. If a narrator fails in doing this than suspense stories totally lose their flavor forever. Nigel has dealt well especially because this was not the first time she was dealing with Granny Weatherwax. Member Benefit

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