Poseidon’s Spear

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Though no one expected Arimnestos to make it this far and it is apparent that it is not the will of the man anymore it is his destiny that is waiting for him. We saw him struggling in Killer of Men and thinking about his past in Marathon but now he is doing none of these things. His eyes are set on the goal though he is not doing all this intentionally but one can tell by the progress of the series that we are going to see something big from him and for him.

Christian Cameron first allowed the hero to suffer and now the author is going to provide him the place perhaps which he never desired but now he is hungry for it because he has suffered a lot. The series is also going on with the same narrator because this too creates association of the listener; Peter Noble too is doing a fine job no doubt. It was because of Arimnestos that the Greeks were able to squeeze the Persians otherwise they were short of warriors.

Now going back to his village as a freeman he finds his world perishing as he heard about the death of his beloved wife. Once again the hero tries to commit suicide and find himself a slave to a much darker clan.

The journey towards glory goes on and though he is not left with anything to live for he still has a curse or according to most a gift i.e he can kill men, the more the better. So it is the emergence of a man with godly powers to crush men whenever he wants to.




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