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For Gordo Livingstone life was not very easy to describe because he has been hanging with the pack of wolves for a long time. He at first wanted to hang with those lusty wolves but when they betrayed him, he thought that he might not establish any kind of relation with them anymore.

So Gordo got settled in the mountain town and wished that he would never see the pack again in his life. For many years, he lived alone and there was no one to bother him in any way. Suddenly one day the wolves returned to Gordo’s life along with the alpha i.e Mark Bennett. They needed Gordo because evil has returned to the land and if it is not controlled at the right time then the world will perish. So Gordo against his will helped the pack again.

In this way, he also got the opportunity to be with Mark once again. Together they fought against the evil in a better way and destroyed all of their enemies within no time. After that Gordo became a permanent member of the pack and this time he wants to stick with the pack because of his growing attraction for Mark.

The attraction between these two gets out of control very soon and they know that it could be quite threatening to both of them. T.J. Klune has done in once again in this novel i.e presenting love and lust in a combined way. The story is quite close in theme to The Lightning-Struck Heart and Wolfsong. The development of love is something that cannot be tamed in this novel. It is like an outburst of feelings which Kirt Graves narrates in a leisurely mood.

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