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    A warrior always fights for his motherland but in James McGill’s case he has not been fighting for his motherland at all. Right from the start of his career he has been fighting for the Galactics and establishing good reputation among the soldiers that belong to different sections of the universe. One thing is for sure that James is not doing this for money or his land which means that he likes getting on the top in terms of rank.

    After a hard struggle he gets what he desires and now deserves as well, a promotion he has been looking for years and because of which he shows readiness to except any mission that is given to him. Missions in Tech World and Armor World show us the quality and commitment of the man to his job and thus in this fourth part it is time for the reward.

    Machine World

    Unfortunately not everyone around him like his progress and thus a jealousy is faced and because of which he once again finds him on the place where he should not be after performing so well for years.

    Luckily he has one more chance to show his true potential as a conspiracy is again on the rise which could prove a total melt down for the people of the earth and its allies. Hegemony military loses the team work for which it was once famous and the troubles are far worse than they appear at the start. Mark Boyett has tried different things with the voice and the experiments have proved fruitful because once again the charm of the series is on the rise.

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