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It was a battle for survival during which the earth felt short of resources and the only way out for the people of the earth was to join the enemy and help them in their evil designs.

The Galactics are the one in charge of the whole thing now and the human soldiers also obey the direct orders coming from the Battle fleet that landed on the earth in 2052. Earth can only provide one thing that it has in abundance i.e mercenaries which it provides to the race that can provide the highest amount. B.V. Larson sends the elite James McGill to another alien kind in the third book of the series and each time we witness a new race it means a new trouble for mankind.

Tech World

Tech World is the strangest of all worlds that James had visited before during his tours as a soldier. It is a world that is advanced in science and technology and is the largest producer and supplier of the war techs in the whole universe. The planet looks peaceful with no troubles or wars of any kind but still the end of the planet is near as threats of total inhalation looms over and soon the population is going to meet death for sure.

It’s not the simple type of invasion that we witnessed in Clone World and Armor World, the invaders want to get hold of the tech that the empire has under its control. The one who gets hold of the tech would be able to rule the universe for sure.

Thus a simple mission transforms into something quite bigger than James ever expected. Mark Boyett is moving on nicely as the narrator, this is the third part that he has narrated and no weakness or error can be witnessed at any stage.



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Dust World

Machine World


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