The 7th Month



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A new dimension is given to the D.D. Warren series Lisa Garden experiments with a short story. The series has always been full of suspense and horrifying murders and Warren is always seen quick, active and daring. Not this time however as the number cop of Boston is pregnant and she is in the seventh month of her pregnancy.

She cannot visit crime scenes because of her serious condition and action is not advised to her by her doctors. Still she is not the type who could sit still and wait for the delivery day. In order to keep her spirits alive she takes the assignment related to a Hollywood movie so that she can earn some extra money and busy herself in a less hectic task.

The 7th Month

Everything goes well all around and then a dead body makes things worse for the pregnant cop. A former Boston cop is killed and the whole crew is the suspect which means that she had to deal with hundred and four people in order to solve the case. She cannot just run away from the task because as she goes through a few of the suspects another person is attacked. D.D. Warren knows that she and her unborn baby are the next on the list which means running time is over.

Lisa Gardner has tried to put more pressure on her number one detective to see whether she can bear the pain or not. Alone and Find Her never had such sort of scenes in which the detective suffered physical pains. Kirsten Potter’s voice in the intense scenes tremble a little but the suspense scenes are narrated with a strong pitch.



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