Unyielding Hope

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    Life becomes difficult if you lose all your support at an early age, it is living on the last life line after that with the family that adopts you. New family members though good in nature never give you a family feeling because of your past that sucks your blood like a vampire at night. Henry in Beyond the Gathering Storm had a disturbed life thought the family that adopted him was supportive but his past never allowed him to live free.

    Janette Oke with Laurel Oke Logan presents a girl who lost her parents and sister in a mishap after which she was adopted and now her new adoptive mother is also gone. After her death Lillian’s adoptive father has plans of his own and in the meantime the girl gets a surprise she was not expecting.

    Unyielding Hope

    When the news came to Lillian it almost gave her a heart attack, not because she got a property share from her original parent’s side but because she was told that her sister was alive. All this time she thought that her sister was dead and now Lillian knows that her sister lives close to her house.

    In a desperate attempt to meet her younger sister she approaches her and finds her a totally changed sort of a girl. Lillian’s sister was not living a dull life like her rather she has passionate dreams about life and the two sisters go on a single path after the first meeting. High hopes and Nancy Peterson’s voice reminds us of When Calls the Heart, in that book too Elizabeth the main one was finding some difficulty in adopting new scenarios.

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