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Zaknafein reunites with his son in a terrible war against the Spider Queen, the queen has come with her full force to the Forgotten Realms and she is in a mood to capture. For the queen it would have been an easy ride if the old warriors had not emerged on the scene for a fight. Zaknafein and his old friends have fought many battles but by the looks of it this one appears to be their last. Enemy has surrounded them from all sides and chances of survival are something below zero.

Death does not look a fearful sight for warriors who have toyed with it all their lives but it is defeat that will pinch them in their last moments on the earth. Fight is thus for victory and not for the sake of saving life. Darkness spreads more and more on the land and conquering it needs an inner power which looks difficult to summon at this stage of life.

R.A. Salvatore makes his heroes toil in the final part of the trilogy too and there was no rest for Zaknafein and his friends throughout. It is a heart tendering scene to see the heroes of Homeland and Exile going down finally.

But they are not going down aimlessly and without a fight, they fight with the courage in their hearts till their last breath. Victor Bevine’s narration takes the listener into the heart of the battlefield where he can witness Zaknafein fighting side by side with his son for the glory of the land. Zaknafein symbolically represents light that is getting rid of all the darkness of the land.




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    1. I really enjoyed the “Generations” arc. Along with Timeless & Boundless one of the best Drizzt books in a while if you ask me


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