Report for Murder Audiobook

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Report for Murder

Lindsay Gordon series has everything in it love, mystery, and high drama that could engage you for hours in its tense and horrifying atmosphere. Val McDermid in his book 1 of the series has described his main character in a strange manner as he is a lesbian feminist journalist who is always behind such news that involves girls and all that lesbian stuff that could make easy for him to write a story out of it and what was more charming for him than to visit a posh girls’ boarding school. The boarding school faces financial issues as well but that is something to which Lindsay has no concern at all. Lindsay engages himself in a relationship with Cordelia which adds love in the story which soon encounters problems that could really rip you apart. The test of love up to the maximum level in such a short time is also something unique. Smith-Couper the famous musician who wants to help the school with the financial issues by helping in fundraising gets killed all of a sudden and thus the story that starts from a description of lesbian relationship comes to true love and then finally a murder mystery all of a sudden. We find ourselves on the edge all the time as what would happen next and where would the story take us. The element of surprise is always there along with the bitter realities of life that cannot be falsified. Almost all the stories of Val McDermid possess this element of surprise and also at length dialogues between the characters that explain the story or simplifies it. Caroline Guthrie’s narration was the perfect thing for the story as the at length dialogues needed an expert to handle things.

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